Gull Lake Manitoba Canada 1964  Summer   Lake TEMP  66  F Feels  like summer is over.      22 Thunder Storms   Accumulation count  12.27  inches  25.4 mm = 1 inch the average is 20 "
                               Gull Lake Canada proud to be one of a number of  "accredited" secret places that have been taken off the Provincial
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Top Provincial news Stories of 2013/14 that will effect you for decades  (
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Whom gets Natural Gas, Whom gets Electricity (
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        Win System Amateur radio Listen in California 24 hours a day 7 days a week
(click here)  UHF FM  Canada too. 90 Repeaters linked  14 + countries                                                        
                                                                                                                                                    Tracking REAL TIME AMATEUR radio SATELLITE(s)  
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                                                                                              1 pound of wood produces in net heating  8030 BTUs.   1 KW produces 3412 btu.  1 kw is about  .42 pounds of wood 8 Cents
                                                                        climate change  (longer  winters) (shorter colder summers) -  2013 /14 replaces 2012 / 2013  as the longest melt out in known times.   April 43 (May 13)

                                 Very Very Cold Winter set to attack most of Canada coming soon...(3rd winter in a row) Just in time for Manitoba's demand for higher profits.   (fall 2014)
                                                                                           Climate not changing  Fast enough for you ? Facts and the Myths
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    Coldest major city in the World 
             Summer 2014 in Play
Summer 2014
Check out all Forecasts it's now very popular of them to be all different, in these climate must be a changing  times.
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CBC will always locate a distant cloud and forecasts rain  they have a guy that tracks that kind of thing
others take the other view and look for clear breaks...

Note to US Tourists about our Special Canadian Gasoline,  We have, own, and admire our Gas GAP pricing, with that said  your car will get you about 300 miles on US Gas,  that's enough to visit a close major Canadian city, but not enough to get you to Gull Lake Canada, however the major cities will leave you "just enough fuel" to get back !  So Visit CDN sometime, eh.

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  Zebra  muscle war in Near by Lake Winnipeg Note: Please check and clean your  Boats
Odd not one government has erected signs?.  Must not be a real problem after all ? 
                                                                              Summer 2014 with no end in they will say when it warms up..and stays up..
Start Something make it beautiful ....the Dream and what became of it.

In Secret Manitoba Special Places "It's always like an Old Time Movie"..........
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                                                                         Gull Lake a member in Finding OLD Roads inc.  We do exist .......

                                                                          "Gull Lake
Canada 1 of a growing number of accredited Secret places"

Bing a MSN production, is currently trying to Find and Locate Gull Lake Manitoba here is their best efforts  (click here)

                            1964    Quency Jones  Number one Song   -  It's my  Party
   Look closely at the times of 1964
                                                                            Old Things ....Consider this  in Modern times Manitoba Government still Cannot find Gull Lake.....
                                                                            Stats Canada cannot figure out they have a massive error until the computer tells them so. 
                                                                            Forecasters:  weather, financial operatives are always surprised 
                                                                            T.V.  signals can longer get to you if a cloud is in the way  -  but if they could they would be telling you a storm is coming.

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We are now known as Gull Lake Canada
Gull Lake Weather maps
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Important notice:  St. Clements road survey (click here)   you have a few days to comply
Filamentous Algae began it's Gulll Lake growth in 1998  and had been presented to M.E.  The management practice for it's control  may surprise you. 
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Whom sells the most solar panels  (Costco)
Whom produces the most electrical power by Solar  (Walmart)  enough to power 3 states.

Long weekend Special
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1964 Look of Love  
Live 1964