Gull Lake Manitoba Canada  2015 Summer  Lake Open   thaw date was  April19  
                                Snows  3 by May 18  Rain:  Trace 11   15 1/4   inches total Season  (norm is 20 21") thunder storms 13  (last yr 26) Water Spout sighting 1                     
                    Gull Lake Manatoba losses "accrediated"  secret place status
. Gull Lake is back on the Maps as a body of water and location corrected  previously removed 1967,  New as of Aug 10, 2015
     *July was 4 C Above normal mean since 1999 @24 c  l "
(click here)  note: ALL historical measurements have been deemed as unreliable all weather records now use temperatures starting in 1999  Go figure.
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                                                 Win System Amateur radio Listen in California 24 hours a day 7 days a week
(click here)  UHF FM  Canada too. 90 Repeaters linked  14 countries                                                        
                                                                                                                                                         Tracking REAL TIME AMATEUR radio SATELLITE(s)  
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   NEW:  GOOGLE street view of Gull lake (click here)             1 pound of wood produces in net heating  8030 BTUs.   1 KW produces 3412 btu.  1 kw is about  .42 pounds of wood 8 Cents
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    Coldest major city in the World 
Central Canada Winnipeg
    Manitoba never warmer than ever before.     

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                                              Manitoba Special Places "It's always like an Old Time Movie"..........
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                         Gull Lake a member in Finding OLD Roads inc.  We do exist
and have been found by the Government(s) of our times. Aug 10 2015

Bing a MSN production, is currently trying to Find and Locate Gull Lake Manitoba here is their best efforts  (click here)
MSM is so confused they took the water away.  No hope for them (lost)
                                                   **  Google updated the Gull Lake postion using NDP data St. Clements is now the official one left in the bush  (click here) 
NOTE:  Google drove down Gull lake Streets Oct of 2014, however the Map error is on behalf of the public service provided by the Province of Manitoba
                                                              and dates back to 1967, when an err or had been inserted, the province's, current staff, "absolutely" refuses to update the map.

                                                                            **Google has acknowledged, by email, they found the lake and will be making changes, Sept 10, 2014 
                                                                           ** October of 2014 Google street view camera viewed the Gull Lake area.
(click here) 
                                                                           ** October of 2014 Google added the name to the "body of water". as did the province for the next printing
DON'T BOTHER WITH CAA                                                                         
Priceless reason by the: "CAA Can't find Gull Lake  (not our maps)"
Their  remarks:
Our information is based on what is provided by the Government of Manitoba. They do not show communities that have a population of under 1,000 which is why Gull Lake is not shown on our provincial map base.
If there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to contact me.


                                         Hot fun in the summer time  ..........make it yours


Weather ForecastView Detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast for Gull Lake, webcams, weather maps & more at

We are now known as Gull Lake Canada
Gull Lake Weather maps
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Canadian "imports of useable fuel soars"
(click here)  Poor Education of Canadians blamed on their inabilties to make fuels from Crude.
   While some not all educated green folks and elected folks seem to have the natural ability to have these vital gas's come out of their mouths.         
Currency Disruption: Governor Stephen Poloz raises dollar  by talking nicer (click here)  or ( Click here) Then again Financial times  working hard to curb the rise of the Canadian Dollar (click here)  USA joins currency war halting USD appreciation boosting currencies around the world.(click here)   Governor Poloz takes direction from the US Fed, dollar to sink it to 73 pennies, by year end, and loan rates to sink to near 0  (Click Here)   Contrary to what they wanted a few days ago. Stay tuned for more money games. Games played mon-fridays  Does this sound absolutely familiar ?   A message from Austrailia (click here)
Strong American economy, ready to raise nterest rates,  set to crash into it's latest recession
(click here) May 2015
Strong American economy, sinks  .7% in GDP one more it's in a recession
(click here) June 3
Canada's weak oil laden economy sinks .6% as a result using Canadina math it's currency takes a fall.
(click here)  June 3
BOC devalues CND currency again taking another 5% off it's purchasing power. july 16 by offering cheap loans
The Canadian Dollar (CAD) team leader BOC Poloz is celebrating being the second-worst performing G-10 currency (click here) only beaten by the New Zealand team .who scored a perfect 1o

Climate Disruption for Manitoba

ABOUT TIME Scientists Question Data "fiddled global warming figures
" Click here"
Australia PM's denouces Climate change
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Greg Selinger video of the year
(click here)   LONG VERSION OF PUBLIC DISCUSSION ON Moving forward with $670,000 departure tax
Energy Poor Canada news: . "Global Warming" - forces Eastern Canada to raise Natural Gas prices by 40 %  
(click here) followed by 16.1 cents per KW for Hydro. (click here)
"conservation lights insulation energy effecient devices home solar devices are all driving up the rat"
NASA Confirms   "Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all 
(click here)  May 2015
60% of Americans DO NOT BELIEVE global Warming (click here)
Global warming continues to fail at melting the polor ice caps,  (click here) 
Record breaking COLD threatens Southern Ontario (click heree
Global Cooling deniers are a shame to science (click here)
Warmest's in panic mode  "change the data"  (click here)   June 2015
Global warming science not working out well.  (click here)  June 2015
Weak Sun  to cool planet earth (click here) June 2015
C02 in 1936 responsible for hottest year on record following 1935 the coldest on record, (click here)
As ALL  historical records have been called unreliable and due to the needs to meet global warming OR ( CLIMATE CHANGE) announcements,  all average temperatures AVERAGES NOW BEGIN IN 1999 AWORLD WIDE  all historical records have been called unreliable and due to the needs to meet global warming announcements,  all average temperatures AVERAGES NOW BEGIN IN 1999.all historical records have been called unreliable and due to the needs to meet global warming announcements,  all average temperatures AVERAGES NOW BEGIN IN 1999.

Best Fire Works Nuclear Explosions all 2,053 of them post VE Day
(click here) . Check it out see who the winner was  ..............................................................................                                        
Local Tid Bits                                  
Gulll Lake a new weed growth in 1998  and had been presented to M.E.
The management practice for it's control may surprise you. 
(click here)
Zebra  Muscle Notice's are now located at several Gull Lake Locations. (INFO Click here)  Boat landing to be closed Aug 4 to Sept 4 inclusive
Beaconia well now open again unknown what happened to the RM building public well
Patricia Beach to get renamed (Stony Point)  Info to follow
Arnhold street to get resurfaced, 2014 news new Grant fund in place 2015,  Resurfaced (Arnhold Street) now complete?... (perhaps) ask your ndp rep
(click here) what was done with the funds ?
Strange fish showing up in Gull Lake Crappie  and Carp showing up on fishing lines
Anyone notice of all the beach areas Gull Lake gets no public grass cutting?l Lawn Mower seen going down John So the Grass is cut, sort of.
Bears have been  re-located to White Sands - Lake Shore Heights and Sunset beach.
Gull Lake NO LONGER A SECRET PLACE and returns to the Provincial and Federal Atlas  Changes to both Provincial and Federal Data base completed .  Aug 10, 2015

Tickets for taxes operated area: Nic Named
           WeedPeg or WinterPeg:  
Provincial Head Quarters for the Prov of MB
often seen on very local Wpg TV.
Size: 7 miles from the center any direction
         and you have escaped.  (tiny place)
Canadian Provincial ZONE: VE4
New:  sneek LOOK  2015, 2016 Provincial Map
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1.49% Morgage
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In the world of too funny:
Canadian energy explained:
Canada imports useable fuel prices from the USA which which are on the rise,
(click here) as exported crude falls.  killing profits for overseas investors. hurting CDN temp oil workers 
Gas set to soar, as Oil falls, and money gets cheaper   Experts explain  in detail : " he he ha ha"
Americans prepare for soaring fuels costs (click here) what they need to purchase to survive in the USA .
21 YEARS without global warming
(click here)
Acrtic Ice keeps growing astounding global warmists cults world wide  (click here)  New Claim: this is just local ice and does not disprove Ice melting
Worst Ice Conditions In 20 Years Halt Arctic Climate Change Study (Click Here)  but that is because this water is acting funny due to Global Warming  YA see.
In Sports:
The Canadian Dollar (CAD) is celebrating being the second-worst performing G-10 currency (click here) only beaten by the New Zealand team .who scored a perfect 10th
Lake temp this day  68F - 69 F   (Click Here Compare)             
Six Nations largest solar farm in Canada
(click here)
Executive salary rates in MB Hydro going up 20% to keep the rates low in Manitoba
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                                                                      Gull lake now part of Manitoba - see new provincial road maps