Gull Lake Manitoba Canada 2015  Extreme Winter Two     Lake Frozen  Nov 10    27 Thunder Storms  12 Snow falls
                                    Gull Lake Canada "accredited" secret place, along with others that have been taken off the Provincial
Map since 1967
               **December  near Normal Heating consumption 25% less over last year  -  mean last year -20C, this year, -10C which is 2 degrees below normal "
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                                                                                                                                                         Tracking REAL TIME AMATEUR radio SATELLITE(s)  
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   NEW:  GOOGLE street view of Gull lake (click here)             1 pound of wood produces in net heating  8030 BTUs.   1 KW produces 3412 btu.  1 kw is about  .42 pounds of wood 8 Cents

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    Coldest major city in the World 
Central Canada Winnipeg
       Extreme WINTER two now in Play

Check out all Forecasters best guess's :  EACH ONE PROUDLY UNIQUE  Not happy with one go the next one.

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                                 Start Something make it beautiful ....the Dream and what became of it.

                                      In Secret Manitoba Special Places "It's always like an Old Time Movie"..........
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                                                  Gull Lake a member in Finding OLD Roads inc.  We do exist .......

                                                                          "Gull Lake
Canada" one of a growing number of accredited "Manitoba Secret places"

Bing a MSN production, is currently trying to Find and Locate Gull Lake Manitoba here is their best efforts  (click here)
MSM is so confused they took the water away.
                                                         Google is attempting to find Gull Lake using NDP Provincial Data  here is their best efforts. (click here) 
NOTE:  Google drove down Gull lake Streets Oct of 2014, however the Map error is on behalf of the public service provided by the Province of Manitoba
                                                              and dates back to 1967, when an err or had been inserted, the province's, current staff, refuses to update the map.

                                                                            **Google has acknowledged, by email, they found the lake and will be making changes, Sept 10, 2014 
                                                                           ** October of 2014 Google street view camera viewed the Gull Lake area.
(click here)  excluding Sherwood St. (unknown why)
                                                                           ** October of 2014 Google added the name to the "body of water". as did the province for the next printing
                                                                           ** However the province will NOT be changing the index location...on their Provincial Map  Dozens of locations are in errror.
                                                                          ** The party in the province for the Atlas has made the changes which will filter through over time
DON'T BOTHER WITH CAA                                                                         
Priceless reason by the: "CAA Can't find Gull Lake  (not our maps)"
Their  remarks:
Our information is based on what is provided by the Government of Manitoba. They do not show communities that have a population of under 1,000 which is why Gull Lake is not shown on our provincial map base.
If there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to contact me.


                            1964    Quency Jones  Number one Song   -  It's my  Party
        In these high tech times:
                                                    Manitoba Government still Cannot find Gull's not on their map...
                                                    Stats Canada cannot figure out they have a massive error until the computer tells them so. 
                                                    Forecasters:  weather, financial operatives are called "EXPERTS and are always surprised" 
                                                    Emergency T.V.  signals can longer get to you when  a fluffy cloud is in the way  - if they could they would be telling you a storm has just left
                                                    Reporters pretend to represent Manitoba but are rarely allowed to leave the "Compound of Winnipeg", and can't find places with their maps
                                                    Local TV can no longer get a signal 26 miles outside of it's antenna setting. Then blame the "model" system (they created) 
                                                    Even when the square root of the height formulae told them this would not work in 1932         
                                                    Winnipegers forget they are the ones in the bottom of the Flood Plane
                                                    We are so oil poor, the price reflects it, as does our pot hole highways, so we travel USA 
                                                    A massive rain event is considered to be 2 inches or less. 50mm
                                                    Weeds are cool,  Grass is the pesk
                                                    Researchers believe CO2 heats the planet (the sun just makes it bright during the day)                       
.                                                   Researchers now claim they have ocean stats on ocean temps dating to the 1600's (Magic) that is where the heat went.
                                                    When the next researchers discover the oceans are colder.
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                                                    When Government blames your lesser cars for accidents on our un-cleared streets.
                                                    When all countries race to the 10 Cent Dollar (times are good for slave master(s)
                                                    When CTRC thinks the internet is a radio wave broadcaster.
                                                    When established practices no longer show locations of places under a 1000 residence(s)  CAA
                                                    **There are thousands of places in Manitoba to explore with less than a thousand residence!  (if only we had a map)     
                                                       AND the NDP worry about Population Loss and Stats Canada counting  (go figure)             
                                                     When reseachers un-cover that falling world currencies is Great for the USA.
                                                     When the dollar reacts to something that happened 2 months ago, with the Stats Canada dated memo releases
                                                     When the Bank of Canada also called the Bank of Poloz directs the educated to work for FREE! and stop using his money
                                                     When the world runs out of "cheap" Oil  by 2003.....???.  Seems it gets cheaper....
                                                     When the world over, changed the normal temperatures now they are only presented 2003 to 2012  and few take notice
                                                     When you might have to show a death certificate to stop paying for your cats annual license.
                                                     When Canada has only had temperature data since 1947, whom makes up the other numbers? dating back to the 1880
                                                     When news media constantly report one side of the story on global warming and preach it to be gospal ?

Gull Lake Canada is located in VE4 @ 50.24' 31.38" : 96.301' 55.96"  Often seen on Google Earth

Weather ForecastView Detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast for Gull Lake, webcams, weather maps & more at

We are now known as Gull Lake Canada
Gull Lake Weather maps
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10  Weeks left to a real climate change. Not this stuff
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MIT Global warming believers a CULT (click here)
PUB tells MB hydro to XOXOX on hydro rate increase
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Gulll Lake a new weed growth in 1998  and had been presented to M.E.
  The management practice for it's control  may surprise you. 
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Zebra  Muscle Notice's are now located at several Gull Lake Locations, Please read the simple to follow instructions.
Beaconia well shut down for good
(click here)  Perhaps Water co-op well?
Holding Compound
Not for lessor cars .trucks welcome
Some call it  the new Province of MB
Canadian Provincial ZONE: VE4
New:  sneek LOOK  2015, 2016 Provincial Map