Gull Lake Manitoba Canada 2015  Extremely Long Spring  Two     Lake Frozen  Nov 10    27 Thunder Storms  16 light  Snow falls  69 rediculous cold days
                                    Gull Lake Canada "accredited" secret place, along with others that have been taken off the Provincial
Map since 1967
                                 **February    Above Normal Heating consumption -  mean last year -20C , this year, -19.6C which is 4 degrees below normal "
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                                                                                                                                                         Tracking REAL TIME AMATEUR radio SATELLITE(s)  
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   NEW:  GOOGLE street view of Gull lake (click here)             1 pound of wood produces in net heating  8030 BTUs.   1 KW produces 3412 btu.  1 kw is about  .42 pounds of wood 8 Cents

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    Coldest major city in the World 
Central Canada Winnipeg
       Extremely long spring 2 now in Play

Check out all Forecasters best guess's :  In Spring and fall these guess's can be out by as much 12C
EACH ONE PROUDLY UNIQUE  Not happy with one go the next one.  Enjoy the science of it all.
#7 Worst
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                                 Start Something make it beautiful ....the Dream and what became of it.

                                      In Secret Manitoba Special Places "It's always like an Old Time Movie"..........
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                                                  Gull Lake a member in Finding OLD Roads inc.  We do exist .......

                                                                          "Gull Lake
Canada" one of a growing number of accredited "Manitoba Secret places"

Bing a MSN production, is currently trying to Find and Locate Gull Lake Manitoba here is their best efforts  (click here)
MSM is so confused they took the water away.  No hope for them (lost)
                                                   **  Google updated the Gull Lake postion using NDP data St. Clements is now the official one left in the bush  (click here) 
NOTE:  Google drove down Gull lake Streets Oct of 2014, however the Map error is on behalf of the public service provided by the Province of Manitoba
                                                              and dates back to 1967, when an err or had been inserted, the province's, current staff, refuses to update the map.

                                                                            **Google has acknowledged, by email, they found the lake and will be making changes, Sept 10, 2014 
                                                                           ** October of 2014 Google street view camera viewed the Gull Lake area.
(click here)  excluding Sherwood St. (unknown why)
                                                                           ** October of 2014 Google added the name to the "body of water". as did the province for the next printing
                                                                           ** However the province will NOT be changing the index location...on their Provincial Map  Dozens of locations are in errror.
                                                                          ** The party in the province for the Atlas has made the changes which will filter through over time
DON'T BOTHER WITH CAA                                                                         
Priceless reason by the: "CAA Can't find Gull Lake  (not our maps)"
Their  remarks:
Our information is based on what is provided by the Government of Manitoba. They do not show communities that have a population of under 1,000 which is why Gull Lake is not shown on our provincial map base.
If there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to contact me.


                            1963    Quency Jones  Number one Song   -  It's my  Party 2015

Weather ForecastView Detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast for Gull Lake, webcams, weather maps & more at

We are now known as Gull Lake Canada
Gull Lake Weather maps
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6  Weeks left to CLIMATE CHANGE day, 5 days left till defrost day, Heating you can count on..Faster than Co2, more predictable and far more dependable. 
The new warmer Canada, be prepaired, new shoes, short sleeves are a must, give yourself time to get use to excessive heating. if you see mud, stick a seed in it.  go pro
Climate changes that never happened.
(click here)  Global Warming destroyed again (click here)
Global Cooling hard times on Birds killing many (click here)
Global Cooling killing Salmon in Nova Scotia 
(click here)  more Co2 needed in a hurry.

      March 1                                                           March 5th


Gulll Lake a new weed growth in 1998  and had been presented to M.E.
The management practice for it's control  may surprise you. 
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Zebra  Muscle Notice's are now located at several Gull Lake Locations, Please read the simple to follow instructions.
Beaconia well shut down for good
(click here)  Perhaps Water co-op well?
Holding Compound
Not for lessor cars .trucks welcome
Some call it  the new Province of MB
Canadian Provincial ZONE: VE4
New:  sneek LOOK  2015, 2016 Provincial Map
Reseachers state 6 weeks remain till real climate change hits Manitoba hard:

Devastating water puddles will occur.  Elected officials will speak the words of Scientists on TV of the entire event, Co2 producing disgusting heating devices will be turned off, As a result Natural gas prices will sink, bringing down energy stocks.  Classic Cars from the early times will appear, People will shed clothes, starting with the removal of the official Canadian head dress,  Government will pass new laws on what clothes can be shed, and what "must" be worn to get services, high priced Summer Gas will return, More people may get married, People will see MUD and stick seeds in it, Numerous messages, from experts, coast to coast,  will warn people to stay inside (indoors) in the hope it passes after telling us "no end in sight", People not equipped may be given free questionable water bottles and invited into spooky government cooling shelters.  Snow removal equipment may be pressed into pushing mud, Snow Roads will be devasted, Liquer sales are likely to soar. Children(s) pools will become political tools, Grass and Weed "Wars" will break out between neighbors and Governments on how much to water and what new juices must be used to kill weeds. . People will smell and stink of new natural untested blends of bug and sun sprays.   Americans may make short trips to Canada and take our fish  Grass will dry out and go brown by mid July as water is in short supply and costs to much. Tens of thousands of dollars will be spent by governments, on the Radio adds telling you to empty water from tires.
Trudeau will blame it all on Harper- the NDP will claim Moving Forward Mr Speaker , It's awful !